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Expense Reporting

This App makes it easier for employees and finance to fill out and approve expense reports.


  1. Photo upload functionality at the click of a button

  2. Automatic delivery to the approvers according to business rules in the body of an email or Teams message

  3. Automatic status updates in the app to track progress

  4. Monthly reports on statuses and administration in the app

  5. The option to interface with your ERP system to process payments with feedback to the application and status update

The Application's Benefits

  1. User convenience - simple and convenient submission through an app. Including viewing online statuses.

  2. Management

  3. Saving time

  4. Built-in integration with Active Directory

  5. Flexibility and possibility for changes within the application


Expense reporting is a vital part of any company's accounting processes. It's also a major headache. But we have a solution for that!

Our expense reporting app makes it easier than ever for your employees to submit their reports, and simple for you to manage them, saving time and reducing headaches on both ends.

Integration with your Active Directory allows for simple, seamless use for all of your employees, no matter their experience or access level. And the app itself has several features that make tracking expenses and managing reimbursements easier.

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