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Our support ticketing app handles requests immediately by formalizing your internal support process.


1. Keep track of each ticket.

2. The ticket can be raised by the end-user or helpdesk itself.

3. Reminder and escalation on an SLA basis.

4. Monitor tracking time from creation till closure.

5. Get the complete report of tickets.

6. Record of repair expenses, consumables used, etc.

7. Filter tickets as per the requirements.

The Application's Benefits

1. User convenience - simple and convenient submission through an app. Includes online status viewing

2. Data of how many tickets are closed in a single day, monthly & yearly, how many are open.

3. Managers assign tickets to the available technician.

4. saving time

5. Built-in AD connection

6. Flexibility and possibility for changes in the application


Let's face it: IT ticketing management is a struggle for everyone.

We take the hassle out of managing your tickets with our easy-to-use tool. Now you can keep track of each ticket, monitor their progress from creation to closure, and get the complete report on them, all in one place!

Why struggle with IT ticketing management any longer? Contact us today and start using this tool in no time!

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